Blepharoplasty and brow lift recovery

Brow lift or blepharoplasty – Which recovery is best for saggy eyelids?

This is a very important question, and there is no “short” answer. Most patients with saggy upper eyelid skin would benefit from a browlift procedure.

A small incision brow lift is an elegant procedure which addresses forehead lines and brow ptosis. Nonetheless, I usually describe a brow lift procedure, even if done through small incisions by an experienced surgeon, as a larger (and more costly) procedure than upper eyelid surgery.

Therefore, my brow lift procedure “includes” upper eyelid surgery but not the reverse is not true. (Lawrence Kass, MD, Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon)

How to decide between browlift and blepharoplasty?

This is definitely an aesthetic problem to get multiple opinions from different surgeons. There is no right or wrong operation in all cases. Some patients require work on their brow, some on their eyelids, some both and some neither. Your surgeon needs to be capable of performing both surgeries equally well.

In addition, it is very important that you agree with the aesthetic of your surgeon. Here are some important things to know before an evaluation.

Of the two surgeries, browlifting is the more difficult of the two for the average patient. This is the reason you see such poor results in tabloids and why so many plastic surgeons shy away from this procedure.

Blepharoplasty and brow lift recovery photos

It requires a good sense of what needs to be done to improve the aesthetics of the eye and the surgical skill to achieve that result. If your surgeon does not address the brow in your evaluation, heavily discount them as a possibility. Spend some time understanding what makes a beautiful eye. I encourage my patients to pick up a fashion magazine and look at the eyes and eyebrows of the models.

One things become evident, there is no ideal. There are beautiful models with low brows and minimal eyelid show and others with high arched brows and abundant show. It really is a function of how the eye fits with the rest of the face. Once you have done this, spend some time in the mirror moving your brow and eyelid skin around to find out what looks best. Remember, it is about the look you want to achieve not the specific procedure. If you have an idea of how you want to change things, it will make picking the right surgeon far easier. Be open minded in your evaluations. Listen to what the surgeon recommends and ask questions. One of the best questions to ask is why one over the other.

Blepharoplasty surgery and brow lift recovery

For example, if the surgeon recommends a blepharoplasty, then ask why not a browlift? The answer should center around the aesthetics of your face.

If the answer is some generality such as ‘too many people do browlifts’ or ‘you’ll end up looking fake’ then you should shy away from this surgeon. Great surgeons tailor the surgery to the problem, mediocre surgeons attack every problem with the same procedure. (Joseph Campanelli, MD, Minneapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Which is better for sagging upper eyelids a Blepharoplasty or Brow Lift?

Blepharoplasty and brow lift recovery what is better

This is a great question that comes up in almost every consultation that I have with patients seeking more youthful, attractive eyelids.

When fullness of the upper eyelids is present in women, not men, it’s necessary to raise the eyebrows into their proper aesthetic position and then see if this results in a change in the amount of excess upper eyelid skin.

  1. If all the excess skin, of the upper eyelid is gone this indicates the excess is caused by low position eyebrows and the proper procedure is a Brow Lift.
  2. If some of the excess upper eyelid skin is gone but some remains this indicates the excess skin is partly from low eyebrows and excess upper eyelid skin. Some, of the skin can be removed with an upper eyelid surgery and the rest will remain unless a Brow Lift is performed at the same time.which is often done.
  3. All the excess upper eyelid skin remains indicating all this excess is due to upper eyelid skin and the proper surgery is an upper eye lift alone. Without performing this simple, but effective brow rest, there’s no way to ascertain which is the proper and therefore most effective solution to upper eyelid saggy skin. An upper blepharoplasty or a Brow Lift. (Francis R. Palmer, III, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon)