Double Eyelid Surgery Before And After Photos

View before and after photos of double eyelid surgery patients who have been treated by leading US plastic surgeons. Also known as asian blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery, the cosmetic surgery procedure of asian eyelid surgery is pretty much the most popular surgery undertaken by asians throughout the world.

Approximately half of all asians are born with what is known as the “single fold” eyelids which makes the upper eyelid heavy and droop low which makes the eyes look smaller while also pointing the eyelashes downward.

Asian eyelid surgery therefore works to place a crease on the upper eyelids so that eyes look larger and more open. The end result is what is known as “double eyelid”.

The popularity of asian eyelid surgery has been florishing in the USA ever since media coverage and asian Hollywood personalities have chosen to go under the knife.

But well before then, asian eyelid surgery has been a very common proceedure throughout China, Korea and Japan… ever since the first case of the surgery way back in 1896. In fact especially in Korea, the surgery is considered to be so common and safe, that it’s not even considered a “plastic surgery”.

In some respects, asian eyelid surgery has been defined as a very controversial surgery simply because of the misunderstanding that asians obtain the surgery in order to look more “westernised”.

In reality, the eyes are the most important feature of the face… and obtaining wider or larger eyes are a source beauty that a lot of asians naturally dream about, whether to look more “westernised” or not.

Always be proud of your asian heritage, but just like in obtaining any other form of plastic surgery such as breast implants, nose reshaping or facelift… be sure to feel unhindered in obtain an asian eyelid surgery to lift your confidence and enhance the natural beauty of your face.

3 Factors Before Choosing a Surgeon for Asian Eyelid Surgery

Before making a choice as to where to obtain an asian eyelid surgery, be sure to read the following information and follow the steps to finding a plastic surgeon that is right for you:

1. Obtain an Individualized Asian Eyelid Surgery Procedure

39 Year Old Woman Treated With Asian Eyelid Surgery By Dr. Andrew Choi, MD, Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

When it comes down to it, the process of conducting an asian eyelid surgery is complex, and no pair of eyes are the same. The only way to achieve the optimal results is to have a qualified oculoplastic surgeon customizing the procedure to your expectations, while taking into account the structure of your eyes and face.

Your eyes are very unique as anyone else and there the Asian blepharoplasty may include a combination of removing excess fatty tissue, correcting sagging skin, while also adding that all important “crease” to the upper eyelid.

You must understand that asian eyelid surgery is NOT the same as any blepharoplasty procedure, and in fact there are a whole variety of different asian blepharoplasty methods available. You will need a competent oculoplastic surgeon who understands these different procedures, and can provide you with a tailor-made surgery to give you the best natural look, while also keeping the recovery time to a minimum.

2. Make Sure the Surgeon has Extensive Experience in Performing Asian Eyelid Surgery

When looking to obtain asian eyelid surgery, there are variety of factors to remember it comes to finding the best surgeon for the job. You need to find a plastic surgeon that is adept at performing various different procedures of asian eye surgery, and have had experience in performing the complex undertaking on a variety of different patients.

The best plastic surgeons understand that one procedure of asian eye surgery is not the same as the other, and they should not talk about one single surgery technique being the most successful. A qualified surgeon should give you a specific surgery plan which takes into account the individual shape and contures of your face and eyelids.

When selecting a potential plastic surgeon for asian eyelid surgery, be sure to first check out before and after photos of asian clients that they have had previously operated on. A plastic surgeon may have had plenty of eyelid surgery patient… but may have not had any “asian” patients before. You really want a plastic surgeon who has had plenty of experience with asian clients for eyelid surgery.

The adaquate qualifications is a vital aspect of choosing the right plastic surgeon for asian eyelid surgery. Be sure to check the oculoplastic surgeons background of education and training, along with their record of performance. There are also a variety of plastic surgery industry organizations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in the USA which the surgeon should be a part of.

3. Don’t Simply Focus on the Cost of the Asian Eyelid Surgery

When it comes to obtaining asian eyelid surgery, it is important to understand that money is not the only cost that you must take into account. There are also a lot of health risks involved just as you would with any other plastic surgery procedure.

What is more important than the “cheapness” of the surgery is expertise of the practitioner. As an example, you may obtain an asian eyelid surgery overseas for a cheaper price than in the United States, but if there are complications during the recovery period, you may end up needing to make several trips overseas to correct the mistake.

The different complications that can arise during or after surgery include tearing, swelling, infections, dryness or alergic reactions. Be sure that your medical plan for asian eyelid surgery includes sufficient after surgery care which will be vital for obtaining a fast and safe recovery.

Differences between double eyelid and single eyelid

Double eyelid

If you have single crease on your eyelid that called double eyelid, this features is most commonly found in most population.

Single eyelid

If you didn’t have any crease above you eyelid that called single eyelid, single eyelid is mostly surface on asian ethnicity.

Is it any really different on funtionality?

Nope, both features is carry by genetically. For alteration form single eyelid to double eyelid didn’t improve sight feature is only for cosmetic and appearances reason.

What society think about it?

Some care and some don’t really care. Well it all depend on yourself at the end of the day.

Asian Blepharoplasty Recovery

After blepharoplasty procedure done, healing or recovery time might be varying between each patient. For young patients the recovery rate is fast compare to older patients. The good news is if you are Asian patients the recovery rate is much faster compared to non Asian patients.

Scar is not visible if under experienced doctor, but since it under the eyelid no visible scars happen. When you give it a go with Asian Blepharoplasty Double Eyelid Surgery, you will treat as out patient. You can go home when the surgery done.

Swelling will happen for 1-2 weeks and will reduce gradually in time. Some patients didn’t swell much and some does, it depent how your body react to Asian Blepharoplasty Double Eyelid Surgery.

Asian Blepharoplasty Cost

Asian Blepharoplasty double eyelid surgery should be treated as outpatient procedure. That mean you can go home when the surgical procedure done. Asian Blepharoplasty double eyelid surgery cost is relatively low compare to other forms of cosmetic surgery. Normally it cost price around $4,500 but this might vary from $2000 to $8000 depending on your doctor place and location.

Asian Blepharoplasty cost price also different between upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery. For upper eyelid surgery is normally cost you around $2,200 while for lower eyelid surgery is normally cost you around $2,500. For non-surgical blepharoplasty like laser eyelid surgery estimated cost you around $3,500 and $5,500.

Asian Blepharoplasty for men

Asia Blepharoplasty is not just for women, men in today world also need them. Asia Blepharoplasty for men is difference from Asia Blepharoplasty for women because it is important for men to retain their masculine feature and appearance.

You should consult your practitioner whether they have experience doing male bleparoplasty, this is important so you don’t end up with feminine eyelid result. What the major difference between male and female blepharoplasty? Basically female upper eyelid crease is higher than male upper eyelid crease and eyebrow is more level.

In today modern and business world, men are getting their eyelid corrected due to appearance reason and for good first impression. Eye is the first contact interaction between human so it is important to them to look as good as possible to attract more business. This eyelid surgery also could boost their confidence level to interact with more people and create more business opportunity.

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