Dr Macdonald Eyelid Surgery

Name: Michael R. Macdonald, MD
Last name: Macdonald
Began aesthetic medicine in: 1996
Years experience: 24
Primary Specialty: Facial Plastic Surgeon
Website: https://www.drmmacdonald.com/
Business: Michael R. Macdonald, MD, FACS, FRCSC | MAC MD aesthetics
Address: 500 Sutter St.
Address suite: Ste. 430
Phone: (415) 895-2257
International phone number: +14158952257
City: San Francisco
State: California
Zip Code: 94102
Country: US
Statement: Dr. Macdonald is a skilled facial plastic surgeon with vast experience in the most advanced cosmetic procedures, including facelift and neck lift surgery, brow lift surgery, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and injectable fillers.
Consulting Fees: 150$
Consultation note: Mention RealSelf when scheduling
Has Sponsored Offer : No

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Offer #1: Consult fee credited towards surgeon fees!
Special Offer Treatments: All treatments
End Time: all the time
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Special Offer Treatments: Restylane, Sculptra Aesthetic, Dysport, Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Refyne, Restylane Defyne

Michael R. Macdonald, MD

End Time: 12/31/2020
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Primary location
Location name: Bay Area
State: CA
Country: US
Map point: 37.8044,-121.810997

Google plus: https://plus.google.com/112122752676753617418/posts

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  • Palo Alto, CA, US. GPS coordinates: 37.4373,-122.1600037
  • San Francisco, CA, US. GPS coordinates: 37.7752,-122.4189987
  • Walnut Creek, CA, US. GPS coordinates: 37.9063,-122.064003
  • Bay Area, CA, US. GPS coordinates: 37.8044,-121.810997

Latest ratings of Eyelid Surgery treatment

Treatment Date
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Oct 2018
Overall rating: 5/5
I wanted to enhance my eyes – Upper Eyelid Surgery – San Francisco, CA
Aug 2015
Overall rating: 5/5 (Wait times: 5/5, Doctor’s bedside manner: 5/5, Phone or email responsiveness: 5/5, Payment process: 5/5, Time spent with patient: 5/5, After care follow-up: 5/5, Staff professionalism & courtesy: 5/5, Answered questions: 5/5)
57 Year Old Male, Lower Eyelid Bags. San Francisco, CA

Latest Eyelid Surgery Prices

  • $4000 – Oct 2018 – San Francisco, CA
  • $4500 – Aug 20, 2015 – San Francisco, CA

Practice Locations

Name & Website
Aesthetic Surgery Center, Inc – San Francisco, https://www.drmmacdonald.com/
500 Sutter St.Ste. 430, San Francisco, California, US, 94102 (GPS coordinates: 37.789497,-122.4090103)
Working Hours
Created / Modified
Oct 6, 2016 / Jul 24, 2019

Doctor’s answers about Eyelid Surgery

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Answer Snippet
What’s the next step after my medical insurer denied my surgeon’s request for authorization of
Will my insurance cover my upper eye lid surgery?
Feb 24, 2020
When an insurance company denies a request for medically necessary surgery, you may have to appeal.  If the appeal also is denied you may have to have the surgeon do a peer to peer review with the insurance company.  Upper eyelid surgery is often considered cosmetic and denied fairly regularly.  They want to make sure that you meet the criteria before they will approve a surgery like this. Ultimately, you may have to pay privately if you can’t convince them that the surgery is affecting yo…
Is it better to get my sparse eyebrows microbladed before blepharoplasty to help guide a surge
Should I get microblading before or after upper eyelid surgery?
Feb 12, 2020
I personally would wait until after you do surgery.  A skilled facial plastic surgeon will look at your eyelids and not the eyebrows when deciding how much skin to remove. I recommend waiting 6 to 8 weeks after your upper eyelid surgery has healed to have microblading performed.  If you don’t plan to have surgery for a few years, you can have microblading done any time and it won’t affect the outcome in the future. Good luck!Michael R. Macdonald, MD, FACS, FRCSC

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