Eyelid Asymmetry Treatment

Asymmetry of the eyes and orbit are extremely common and when looked at closely, most people have some asymmetry. In your case, asymmetry is present although it’s relatively minor. I would not recommend treatment for this type of mild deformity because of the risk benefit ratio

When the potential for improvement relative to the complication rate is minimal, this is not a risk worth taking. There are a variety of causes of orbital asymmetry. It may be related to the boney orbit, the eyelid, or the brow itself

In most cases of mild asymmetry, there is some asymmetry of the bones surrounding the eye. This cannot be treated without major surgery. If you continue to have concerns about your asymmetry, it would be appropriate to consult a board certified plastic surgeon

The eyelid asymmetry is due to the asymmetrical eyebrow position, where one eyebrow is lower than the other. When this occurs the eyelids will have to be asymmetric. To repair this asymmetry, consideration for either a browlift to make the eyebrows symmetrical,or a one-sided upper blepharoplasty

If you perform the upper blepharoplasty, the eyebrows will still be asymmetric. An in person examination/consultation is required to make any decisions.

Asymetry of the two sides of the face are common and can cause uneven eyes

Most everyone has a slight asymmetry of the face most often caused by unequal bony development between the two sides. The orbit or bony socket that holds the eyeball may be the cause of your asymmetry and if this is the cause it would be difficult to correct

Asian Eyes Asymmetry

Other causes such as ptosis or drooping eye can cause asymmetry as well. Your left eyebrow is more elevated, a very common asymmetry. See an Ophthalmologist for a formal eye exam and consultation. Most likely this is a normal variation but it is best to get an expert opinion

Asymmetry of the Eyelids and Brows

here are some differences this photo shows between your eybrows and and eyelids. You seem to be arching your left eyebrow which can often suggest mild left lid ptosis (droopy lid). Other findings such as bony asymmetry, differences in the position of the eyeball (termed enophthalmos) can often result in eyelid and eyebrow asymmetry

If you would like to get a consultation, I would recommend looking up an oculoplastic surgeon in your area (ASOPRS.org) and visit them for an evaluation.

Facial Filler For Eye Asymmetry

It is normal to be a little asymmetric, most people are. I would make an appointment and see someone with experience in eyelid surgery. It may be a little early as you do not have much excess skin

You may also have a degree of eyelid ptosis (drooping) that you may be holding up by arching your left eyebrow, but it would be impossible to tell without a physical examination.

Eyes not the same

You are not alone. Most people have a slight asymmetry if carefully examined. You have noticed this recently, yet, your friends know you only by your visage, not your flaws. Therefore, if they don’t notice, then the only one who is bothered by this naturally occuring phenomenon is your gremlin who gets you to focus on it

Yes, we have lots of tricks and technology to change this for you, but should we? Only you can determine if the risks of a procedure are worth the benefit that nobody else will notice

How To Fix Asymmetrical Eyes With Liquid Facelift

For many of our patients, this is the tipping point to decide.

Asymmetry of eyes

Your right eyebrow is lower which increases the amount of tissue along the right upper eyelid causing that eye to appear smaller and more rounded. I’ve done Browlifts for over 20 years but don’t like them in men as they can raise the eyebrows to much leading to a relative feminine appearance to the face IMHO

If this really bothers you, I wouldn’t do more than place a small amount of Botox to weaken the left eyebrow

It is impossible to make an intelligent statement without a physical examination.

What can be stated for sure from your photo is that the two sides are clearly not the same. The right upper eyelid sulcus is full and the left hollow. You do manifest a compensatory brow elevation on the right side and it may be that you have latent left upper eyelid ptosis

How To Fix Asymmetrical Eyes Without Surgery

Other possibilities include slight enophthalmus, which is a condition where one eye does not project as far forward as the other.

This condition can cause pseudoptosis which may account for the compensatory brow elevation. An actual consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon will establish what is going one

The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a website at asoprs.org that can help you find a highly qualified oculoplastic surgeon near where you live.

Facial asymmetry is present in everybody. But differs from one patient to another. The left side of your face is slightly longer than the right and therefore the left eyebrow appears to be higher than right and the eye also looks wider

Makeup For Asymmetrical Eyes Before And After

You will see this differences in everyone you will come across. Your options are: leave it alone, use a few units of Botox above the left brow to lower your it making the difference noticeable, elevate the right eyebrow surgically

Eyes different sizes.

The eyes are rarely the same. Your left eyebrow is up adding to the difference. See an experienced surgeon in your area to discuss your options after he sees you in person.

Facial asymmetry

You have bony facial asymmetry, which everyone has to some extent, some more than others. Your right side of the face is smaller than the left side. There are some nonsurgical techniques you can do to camouflage the asymmetry

Non Surgical Eyelid Filler For Eyes Asymmetry

Both your upper eyelids and your brow position are asymmetric – as are every person’s. As we age, gravity causes our skin to fall and use causes skin to stretch and lose elasticity. Our fat compartments change – they migrate, fall, and sometimes we lose fat in areas of the eyes and gain some in others.

By virtue of aging, you now have extra loose skin. In addition, I would like to point out that your brows have fallen and are “pushing” the redundant skin of your upper lids even more, particularly on your right eye.

If you look at the position of your brows, you will notice that your right brow is lower than your left brow. This is what is resulting in some of the lateral “hooding” or heaviness that is more pronounced on that eye than your left eye.

I would recommend you speak to a plastic surgeon and discuss the need for an upper lid blepharoplasty in combination with a brow lift. Although your eyes will never be perfectly symmetric (again, no person is perfectly symmetric) most of the asymmetry can be corrected, and your upper eyelids can appear more open and rejuvenated. (Robert Galiano, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)


You have some extra skin in the upper lids. The difference in appearance is due to the amount of fat present in the upper sulcus. On the left you don’t have much fat so the skin falls back into the orbit.

Nonsurgical Filler For Asymmetry Eyes

There is more fat on the right, so the skin sits more forward. A blepharoplasty will help to even this out. If you always had a deep sulcus, some fat can be removed from the right side to make them more even.

If you prefer the look on the left, you will have to consider some filler post-op to provide additional volume. Fat is an option too but can be difficult in the upper lid. (John J. Martin, Jr., MD, Coral Gables Oculoplastic Surgeon)

Eyelid asymmetry issues with a high hairline?

You have several options available to you which each have advantages and disadvantage is that need to be discussed with an in person exam. Looking at pictures will not resolve these issues for you. The Irregular Trichophytic incision can be done without and objectionable scar.

We have our patients see patients with had this done before surgery to decide if they would be happy with this result. Having develop this more than 35 years ago and having done hundreds of these we find patients are quite happy with the scar that is not noticeable.

your lower lid issues we discussed with an in person exam. Whether fillers or blepharoplasty trans conjunctivally would be the best for you is something that requires an in person examination and discussion. (Toby Mayer, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Asymmetry of eyes is normal to some extent

Achieving perfect eyelid symmetry with eyelid surgery is impossible. This is because the two eyes are not symmetrical prior to surgery, and despite perfoming a good blepharoplasty, the tissues on both sides can heal differently.

It is very common to initially see significant differences between the two eyes, but this should get better after 4-6 months. Obviously, there is always a possibility that surgery itself can cause ectropion or other abnormalities, but you need to give your eyes time to heal before judging the results and thinking about possible revision surgery. The skin wrinkling could be explained by asymmetrical removal of skin. I think that if my assumptions are correct, a small secondary surgical procedure could be performed to correct the problems.(Sean Younai, MD, FACS, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

You need an exam by an ophthalmologist to evaluate eye asymmetry

The lid position looks normal on the eye so I do not think you have ptosis or a droopy eyelid. Most likely the eye socket is larger on the left which allows the eyeball to sink in which allow the upper lid to drop down.

Alternatively the eyeball may be smaller or you may have enophthalmus a sinking in of the eyeball-there are many possible causes of this. Coorective surgery is possible but an accurate diagnosis is necessary. An Ophthamolgist can examine you and decide whether the problem is the lid, the eye socket or eyeball.

Then appropriate correction can be undertaken.(Brooke R. Seckel, MD, FACS, Boston Plastic Surgeon)