Weight In Eyelid Surgery

If you desire to lose weight it is always better to lose the weight prior to surgery if your reason and method for weight loss is wellness. Taking diet pills or other drastic methods will increase your risk for surgery

Eating healthy, limiting alcohol, not smoking, daily cardiovascular exercise and spiritual focus which results in improved physiologic well being will likely improve your results and reduce risks of healing complications possible with any surgery. Often excess weight is the result of stress, poor health, lack of exercise, you don’t want to move forward with surgery until these are addressed

Weight loss before eyelid surgery

A ten pound weight loss should have no bearing on your eyelid surgery result. It is however best to see your surgeon in person to discuss this.

The fat pads behind the eye do not usually respond to weight gain/weight loss as readily as in other areas of the body

It is controversial whether that would make a difference. On one hand, losing weight would not have an effect on your eyelid fat or puffiness.

On the other hand, weight loss will change your facial appearance and the blepharoplasty surgeon will probably want your face to be how it will be after the bleph is done

Weight loss for eyelid surgery

A 10 pound weight loss will have no bearing on performing eyelid or facelift surgery. It’s always best to be at your ideal body weight to minimize anesthesia complications

No effect

There should be very little if any effect on eyelid surgery by losing 10 lbs. I don’t see any reason why you should defer this until after your planned weight loss.


Lose the weight.

It will have negligible effect on the eyelid surgery. It has however more of an impact on the facelift. Much of what we do with the facelift is sculpting of facial fat. For that reason, the answer is different for the facelift and the eyelid surgery

Eyelids Tend Not To Be Affected Much By Weight

For the face, losing 10 pounds will have a profound effect on the shape of your face.

Weight loss prior to eyelid/facial surgery

The amount of weight you are planning on losing should not effect the surgery at all; therefore, you can choose anytime to have either operation performed.

Weight loss and eyelid surgery

I do not think a 10 lbs. weight loss would make a significant difference in the appearance of your eyes, so I would say you could have the eyelid surgery either before or after the weight loss