Doctor Paresi in Downers Grove, Illinois

Doctor Paresi, Downers Grove, Illinois 59 Year Old Lady Treated With Eyelid Sagging Surgery

This is a 60 year-old female who presented to the office with complaints of aging of the lower eyelids with dark circles around each lower eyelid area and excess skin of the upper eyelids. We recommended an augmentation blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids with transconjunctival fat removal, arcus marginalis release, skin flap excision of excess skin of the lower eyelids, nanofat grafting of the tear trough deformity, microfat grafting of the cheeks and lid-cheek junction, upper eyelid blepharoplasties with skin removal only. The patient tolerated the procedure well and had a nice improvement of the lid-cheek junction and the lower eyelid contour. Notice the improvement in the tear trough deformity (dark circles under eyes). (May 14, 2020)